Mary Voorhees Meehan
  • Identity, art direction, writing, product design, events, and environmental design—a workshop in service of the human experience
  • Identity and website for a creative lifestyle driven real estate development in the heart of Detroit
    True North
  • Video that moves sequentially through every image in MATTER—a textbook published in 1964—with recordings of my maternal grandmother and grandfather and my paternal granny and great grandfather serving as narration.
  • fall catalogue for Areaware
    fall mood
  • Invitation, 4x6-foot banners, and branded back-to-school goodies.
    PS 118 Ribbon Cutting
  • Photoshoot, art direction and photography for Areaware products
    inderstanding unventory
  • Identity for an arts-driven Airstream
    The Kabine
  • prop styling for Herman Miller
    The Millers
  • Invite for HS2's 20th anniversary party
    HS2 20th Party!
  • Publication in celebration of 20 years of architectural practice
    20 Years of HS2 Architecture
  • Identity, website, and marketing collateral for a fashion and hospitality branding agency.
    The Vater Group
  • A book and show at New Shelter Plan centered on the science of seeing
  • Identity and Welcome Brochure for a new Brooklyn school. PS 118, holla!
    Maurice Sendak Community School
  • Identity and website for a fresh NYC architectural practice.
  • Poster/pamphlet about how we deal with money as part of The Center for Urban Pedagogy's Making Policy Public program.
    Es Tu Dinero
  • A book, actually 5 nested books that loop like a movie, about a house. Also, a love story.
    Element House
  • A collaboration with artists Erica Ehrenberg, Alexandria McCrosky, Sara Magenheimer, and Derek Larson and curators Leah Beeferman and Matthew Harvey sited on Lord Howe Island
    Lord Howe Island
  • Identity for a neighborhood public interest group.
    Coalition of Residents for Fair Rezoning
  • Posters for the school's 2011–2012 lectures, exhibitions, and events.
    Buffalo School of Architecture and Planning Posters
  • Identity for a musical history repository
    The Listening Archive
  • Every proper workspace needs a JUMBOTRON.
  • The Whitney Museum of American Art's website for kids. Yeah!
    Whitney For Kids
  • Video—3 minutes and 45 seconds, looping forever.
    Notes on Getting to Zero
  • Identity, wayfinding, website, invitations, catalogue, etc. for an outdoor sculpture show in lower Manhattan.
  • Utility garments—1 introverted, 1 extroverted—made for working.
    Twobit Outfit
  • A poster for a [serious] German symposium.
    Designing Politics—The Politics of Design
  • Website for a London art gallery, with Linked by Air.
  • A poster I made with my friend Neil Donnelly.
    Environmental Film Fest
  • The Yale School of Architecture's annual publication of student work and such and such.
    Retrospecta 2007–2008
  • A wooden spaceship
    This is a Present from a Small Distant World
  • Identity and web design for an architecture and design consultancy.
  • Sketching toward le bouchon plus grandiose jamais conçu la pensée—the grandest thinking cap ever conceived. Watch the video.
    Thinking Cap
  • Elizabath Irene is turning One! A Curious George Goes to the Farm for Fall Harvest party.
    EI EI O
  • Chess sets made of actual pieces
    3 Orders, 12 Semblances
  • A cake, made on the spot, for Rosie's Birthday
    Birthday Cake
  • Flyers for a spring film series
    Cinema at The Whitney
  • Ad campaign encouraging a university community to celebrate the uniqueness of individual relationships with the institution and each other.
    Claiming Williams
  • a uniline typeface based on the diameter of a BINGO dauber
  • Uniforms for a foot-long soccer team.
  • Video—3 minutes, 56 seconds
    The People's Princess
  • A mark I made for myself. Everyone needs an emblem.
    M V M
  • A party is preferable to a workshop, no?
    Painting Party
  • Identity for a writing workshop focused on, as far as I can tell, using ice cream to leverage literary investigation.
    Lyceum: Ice Cream and Ideas
  • An academic journal edited by Yale School of Architecture grads
    The Real Perspecta 42
  • A poster that I made with Neil and Daniella in 10 minutes
    Linda is Leaving
  • Book cover for a novel about The Holocaust
  • A website for a company of two playwright-producers.
    Pickup Performance Co(s)
  • At first I struck my name from the list. I was to be her very first meeting of the day. But, I had signed up and then removed myself from the list, both times out of confusion regarding the premise of the meeting.
    — —
  • Identity, website, and print collateral for a college and graduate and professional school admissions consultancy
    Apply Point
  • A book about how and why we see what we see
  • It started in Scottsdale, during prep for the docent orientation at the museum. We kept being warned that the docents needed to be wrangled, shepherded, corralled. That we would need to keep them from asking questions until the end.
    Docent Orientation
    — —
    Docent Orientation
  • A poster for Karel Martens
    Here is Karel
  • Promotional materials for Ryan Gander's Central Park installation.
    The Happy Prince
  • A picture book that shows every supper as evidence of the last.
    The Last Supper