Mary Voorhees Meehan

Notes on Getting to Zero

  • Zero is the culmination
    It is the end state
    AND the unadulterated beginning
    It is the tabula rasa
    It is climax and denouement rolled into one

    The way the countdown works is by leveraging expectation to incite and condition anticipation. The zero state or climax must be prefigured in the countdown clause. Thus, the audience must be presented with a known hierarchy, order, or setting such that change in the direction of zero is intuitable and gaugable. The viewer must know where he is relative to zero.

    A looping video comprised of subsequent ten-second countdowns, such that one countdown launches the next. I sequenced found photographs into ascending and descending orders based on formal, physical, and scientific relationships; contextual clues; and associations.

    I was interested in how the culmination of one countdown is invariably the beginning of another. The chain of associations infinite.

    10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 10
  • Flyer for opening/closing at Primetime Gallery designed by Ryan Waller.