Mary Voorhees Meehan
  • MATER,

    Video that moves sequentially through every image in MATTER—a textbook published in 1964—with recordings of my maternal grandmother and grandfather and my paternal granny and great grandfather serving as narration.

  • Es Tu Dinero,

    Poster/pamphlet about how we deal with money as part of The Center for Urban Pedagogy's Making Policy Public program.

  • The Last Supper,

    A picture book that shows every supper as evidence of the last.


    A book about how and why we see what we see

  • I.,

    At first I struck my name from the list. I was to be her very first meeting of the day. But, I had signed up and then removed myself from the list, both times out of confusion regarding the premise of the meeting.


    Book cover for a novel about The Holocaust

  • The Real Perspecta 42,

    An academic journal edited by Yale School of Architecture grads

  • 3 Orders, 12 Semblances,

    Chess sets made of actual pieces

  • Retrospecta 2007–2008,

    The Yale School of Architecture's annual publication of student work and such and such.

  • Statuesque, and

    Identity, wayfinding, website, invitations, catalogue, etc. for an outdoor sculpture show in lower Manhattan.

  • Element House

    A book, actually 5 nested books that loop like a movie, about a house. Also, a love story.