Mary Voorhees Meehan

Claiming Williams

  • An identity—a mark, a custom typeface, print applications, wayfindng, and promotional buttons—and website for an initiative at Williams College undertaken in response to a hate crime on campus. READ MORE

    Instead of starting from scratch—Can you ever really start from scratch?—we decided to use existing elements from the school's identity to ask students, faculty, staff, and members of the Williams Community to reflect on how they relate to the school. We used the school's typeface—Clarendon—to "claim" the letters "W," "I," "L," "A," "M," and "S" and we used the school's color—Purple.

    There are lots of different purples. And when your identity is purple, it naturally starts claiming other purple things. Lots of my purple props and studio sundries began seeming a part of the project. I think that was the point.

    Identity design in collaboration with Daniella Spinat. Web design in collaboration with Daniella Spinat and Neil Donnelly.