Mary Voorhees Meehan

The Listening Archive

  • The Listening Archive offers an oral history of musical listening through an audio-video archive, a website, radio broadcasts, podcasts, online video clips, discussions, and performances. Providing a window on what musical icons, musicians, composers, musicologists, sound engineers, scholars, and enthusiasts think and hear while listening to music, TLA hopes to provide unparalleled access to musical ideas.

    In working on the identity, I was thinking about sound triggering sound, perceived syncopations evolving into new syncopations which, in turn, inspire new syncopations. A series of snapshots of a revolving record.
  • The Listening Archive Launch, May 5, 2012 at ISSUE Project Room in Brooklyn.

    Left: Composer Gregory Spears with mezzo-soprano Rebecca Ringle. Right: T De Long (with bandmates and The Prophet, projected, sans gendered pronouns. (It was T's first performance since her gender change.)